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slaked lime putty - 25 litre tub pre mixed mortar 40 kg sack Matured slaked lime putty and pre mixed mortars

Bleaklow is a leading UK producer of non-hydraulic, top quality, matured slaked lime putty and pre mixed mortars.

With over 25 years' specialist experience in lime products for applications in industry, construction, agriculture and conservation. We have a flexible high volume production facility and constantly maintain large stocks of slaked lime putty and pre mixed mortars.

Bleaklow provide a UK wide distribution service or customers can collect any quantity down to individual units direct from the Derbyshire works.

Tel: 01246 582284 Fax: 01246 583192

Bleaklow Industries Ltd, Hassop Avenue, Hassop, Bakewell, Derbyshire. DE45 1NS

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